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Brown Butter Salted Caramels

I love candy! And this recipe was my first love in making my own. Salted caramels are just that perfect balance between salty and sweet, and they are just so good. I can eat these until I feel sick and have no regrets, so I recommend you make yourself a batch this Christmas. You're welcome.


Brown Butter Salted Caramels

70 ml water

300 g sugar

100 g glucose

200 ml whipping cream (2 dl)

100 g butter

1/2 vanilla pod

Pinch of salt

Flaked sea salt

1. Line a 20 cm square tin with baking paper. A tip is to first grease it with oil to make it stick.

2. Put water, sugar and glucose into a large pot with good heat distribution and a thick base. Set over medium heat with a lid on.

3. Brown the butter in a separate pot over medium heat until golden and nutty smelling. Pour in the cream and add the vanilla seeds and the pinch of salt. Put on a lid and set to the side.

4. Once the pot of sugar has boiled for a bit and everything is nicely melted you can remove the lid. It's there to clean the sides of the pot which will keep the mixture from crystalizing.

5. Take the sugar to a nice amber color and then take off the heat and add the butter/cream in a nice slow stream while whisking. Be careful! It will steam quite a bit and you could burn yourself on it.

6. Put back on the heat and cook to 124° C while stirring so it doesn't catch at the bottom.

7. Pour into your prepared tin and let sit for 30 seconds.

8. Sprinkle a nice amount of flaked sea salt on to and give it a little tap to let it settle.

9. Let cool completely and then cut into as big or as small pieces as you want. Wrap in baking paper.

10. Enjoy!

I hope you give these guys a go, they are a perfect candy for Christmas and that perfect combination of salty sweet which will make them impossible to put down. Until next time!




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