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Chocolate and Banana Sablée Breton

Dessert Chocolate Sablée Cookie with Banana Caramel and Dark chocolate ganache

It's time for some new recipes! So happy to be back in the kitchen and do some baking again and my first stroke of inspiration was chocolate and banana. I love that combo, my favorite thing as a kid (and maybe as an adult) was Nutella and banana and I wanted to recreate that goodness in something bakes. So I present to you a soft but crumbly chocolate cookie filled with banana burbon caramel and topped with dark chocolate banana ganache. You are welcome!


Sablée Breton

60 g egg yolk (3)

120 g sugar

140 g salted butter, at room temperature

150 g flour

25 g cocoa powder

5 g baking powder

1 pinch of salt

1. Whip the egg yolks and the sugar light and fluffy.

2. Sieve in the dry ingredients and fold together to create a crumbly dough.

3. Add the butter and fold together until just combined. You will now have created a pretty sticky dough, don't worry.

4. Put down some cling film and place the dough on top.

5. Fold in the edges of the cling film to make a square and roll ut the dough evenly in the square. This will make the dough easier to handle when we roll it out.

6. Put in the fridge for 2 hours or over night.

7. Take the dough out of the fridge 10 - 30 minutes before you want to start working with it to make it easier to roll.

8. Roll it out to about an 8 mm thickness, you want six 7 mm steel cutters to fit on the dough but to keep it as thick as possible.

9. Cut out your circles and place them on a tray lined with baking paper and leave the cutter on. This will allow the dough to rise evenly and create nice sides.

10. Put back in the fridge for 30 minuts to let the dough set up again. This will make the cookie more even.

11. Bake at 170 ° C fan assisted for 10 - 12 minutes.

12. Take out and let cool.

Ps. You can re-roll this dough once, but I wouldn't since it is so soft and delicate. Instead I would just get extra cutters and just push the rest of the dough into them keeping them roughly as thick as the others. They are not going to look as pretty, but they will still be delicious.

Dessert, chocolat sablée dough

Dessert, chocolate sablée dough

Dessert, chocolate sablée dough in cutters

Dessert, chocolate sablée cookies stacked on top of each other

Dark Chocolate Banan Ganache

200 g 54 % chocolate

150 g cream

50 g brown banana

1 cube of butter

1 pinch of salt

1. Smush the banana.

2. Heat the banana, butter, salt and the cream until just boiling and then pour it over the chocolate.

3. Let sit for a minut and then work it together using a hand blender. This is to make it as smooth as possible since we have added the banana into it.

4. If you find that your ganache is looking a little bit split, don't worry, we can save it. Just add small amounts of cold cream and blend it in until it looks nice and smooth again. You don't want to add to much though since we want this ganache to really hold it's shape, so be careful.

5. Cover with cling film touching the surface of the ganache to keep it from forming a skin, and leave over night so set.

Salty Banana och Bourbon Caramel

75 g banana

75 g sugar

25 g water

75 g cream

1 cube of butter

3 tbsp Bourbon

2 pinches of salt

1. Add the water and the sugar to a pot and bring up to boiling with a lid on.

2. Keep boiling for a few minuts with the lid on to minimize the risk of crystallization and then remove and let it go until it reaches a nice amber colour. Remember kids, don't stir.

3. In a separate pot add the smushed banana, cream and butter and keep over low heat so it wont shock the sugar when we add it.

4. Once the sugar is at an amber color slowly pour in the cream into the sugar while stirring, and be careful not to burn yourself.

5. Once it's all in you can add the bourbon and the salt and put it back on the heat.

6. Cook to 115 ° C while stirring all the time (the banana easily burns) and then pour into a heat proof bowl, cover with cling film and let cool completely.


1. Start by cutting a hole in the middle of the cookies using a small cutter. Then grab a spoon and remove the center so you make some more space for filling.

2. Fill the center with the banana caramel.

3. Pipe on the ganache on top.

4. Top with a little banana chip, and you are done my friend!

5. Eat, and enjoy!

Dessert, chocolate sablée cookie with banana caramel

Dessert Chocolate Sablée Cookie with Banana Caramel and Dark chocolate ganache

Dessert Chocolate Sablée Cookie with Banana Caramel and Dark chocolate ganache

I hope you guys will give this one a go, and if you do please let we know what you though. Until next time guys!




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