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Chocolate Cupcakes with Homemade Nutella Filling

Okey, this is a recipe in keeping with the autumnal feel, because who can say no to chocolate now that the days are getting darker? Not me, thats for sure! So that is why I created this tripple chocolate cupcake for you. It is a chocolate chip cupcake, filled with homemade nutella and topped with a dark chocolate ganache. That is SO! MUCH! CHOCOLATE! and you should make these this weekend, you will thank yourself, I promise.

Now, you will read the recipe for the ganache and go "Let it set over night, you crazy?" and I hear you! But that is how long it will take to set it naturally, and I do not recommend putting it in the fridge to set because it will go to far and not pipe as nicely. So if you do not have two days to make these I recommend making a chocolate buttercream instead, but if you can, do it with the ganache, it's soooo goooood!


Dark chocolate ganache

300 g dark chocolate, 50 - 70 %

300 g whipping cream

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp butter

1 pinch of salt

1. Chop the chocolate and put into a heat proof bowl.

2. Put the cream, honey, butter and salt in a pot and bring to the boil.

3. Pour over the chocolate and let sit for a minute before stirring until it becomes a smooth, shiny, delicious ganache. Don't freak out and start whisking like crazy if it looks like it's never going to come together, just give it some love and some time. It will come around.

4. Cover with clingfilm touching the surface to avoid it forming a skin and let it sit over night to set.

Homemade Nutella

200 g hazelnuts

150 g good quality milk chocolate

1 tbsp honey

1 pinch of salt

1 - 3 tbsp flavourless oil (I use rape seed oil)

1. Set your oven to 180° C.

2. Start melting your chocolate over a bain marie and set a side to cool once it's all melted.

3. Pour the hazelnuts out on a baking tray and spread them out.

4. Bake for about 15 - 20 minutes, they should have started smelling fantastic and have a nice toasty color.

5. Set them aside to cool for a bit before you put them in a kitchen towel and rub off the skin. Don't be scared if it has a bit of skin left, it's gonna be fine, and life is to short to get all the skin off.

6. Put the nuts in a food processor and let them go until they start releasing their oil which is going to take a minute or two depending on how strong your food processor is.

7. Once they are nice and processed, scrape down the sides and add the chocolate, honey and salt and work it until it has just come together.

8. Now is time to look at the consistency! Depending on your preference you can make this a little looser or a lot looser. I say start with one tbsp of oil and work your way up until you are happy. This mix is going in the center of our cupcakes so it's all about how runny you want that center to be.

9. Pour into a bowl and set aside until assembly.

Chocolate chip cupcakes

140 g plain flour

180 g caster sugar

40 g cocoa powder

50 g chocolate chips

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

125 g greek yoghurt

120 ml cold coffee

100 ml vegetable oil

1 egg

1. Set your oven to 175° C.

2. Put the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder and salt in a bowl and give it a stir to combine.

3. Put the yoghurt, coffee, oil and the egg in a boil and stir to combine and try to not freak out by the fact that it looks a little weird, I'll get better, I promise.

4. Sieve in your dry ingredient into the wet, add the chocolate chips and give it all a good stir until it is smooth and nicely combined.

5. Using the best way for you (I used spoons to distribute a little bit of batter at a time) distribute the mixture into 12 cupcake cases and bake for 22 - 26 minutes. If you poke them in the middle your device should come out clean.

6. Set aside to cool completely.


Some chopped and rosted hazelnuts

1. Start by putting your chocolate ganache in a piping bag with a nossel of your choice, I used a large round one.

2. Put your nutella in a piping bag as well so you can easily fill the centers.

3. Take an apple corer and cut out the center of your cupcakes, but don't go all the way through, or your filling is gonna come out the bottom.

4. Fill them with nutella and top them a blob of ganache.

5. Now finish them off with a sprinkle of rosted hazelnuts and you are done.

These little guys are absolutely delicious and I really hope you give them a go. Until next time guys, have an awesome day!




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