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Burnt Butter Fudge

I love candy. I'm such a candy junky it's not even real. Chocolate, caramel, chewy fruity things, you name it and I'll love it. And there is nothing quite as amazing as making you own candy to stuff your face with. One of the things I've really gotten into is fudge, largely due to the fact that it really hasn't been working out for me (and if you know me you'll know that things going wrong without me understanding why they aren't working generally means me putting aside everything else to play the part of a pissed off pastry detective). I've tried different recipes, techniques and ingredients, and it wasn't until about a month ago that I found one that worked for me. And after some tweaking I am ready to tell you how you can make buttery, melt in you mouth fudge, and it is way easier than you might think.



150 g butter

150 g milk

1 can sweetened condensed milk (397 g)

450 g demerara sugar (or any other type of sugar you want)

25 g glucose

8 g salt

1. Start by browning you butter in a saucepan with good heat distribution and a thick base. You want this so that your fudge doesn't burn or just go crazy with it's temperature.

2. Once you butter is really nice and brown (seriously, don't chicken out, push it as far as you dare for maximum flavor) you can add in the rest of the ingredients.

3. Give it a good stir and bring it up slowly to a boil while stirring so everything melts evenly.

4. Boil until the mixture reaches 116° C while stirring all the time.

5. Take off the heat and pour the mixture into a heatproof bowl and let it sit for a minute.

6. Now it's time to start beating the mixture, and you have two options here. If you are like me and you like finding the shortcuts in life you can pour this mix into the bowl of your stand mixer and bet it that way. If not, just grab yourself a wooden spoon and get going with that arm work out you've been longing for.

7. You want to beat it until it thickens and starts to loosen it's shine. Due to the added glucose this is going to take a bit of time but don't leave it unattended or it's gonna start setting up when you aren't looking, and there is no going back.

8. Once thick and slightly matte, pour/scrape it into a 20 x 20 square tin lined with baking paper. 

9. Use a palette knife to spread it nice and even, or if you have something square of an equal size as the pan you can place a bit of baking paper on top and use that to press the fudge out into the pan. Just remember that it's still super warm so don't burn yourself.

10. Now let it hang out in room temperature until it is completely cool.

11. Cut into as big or small pieces as you want, and enjoy!

Please make this delicious little piece of heaven and let me know how you get on! Until next time <3 




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